Crazy Cheap Vera Bradley Deals & Free Shipping ($9.99 Zip Around Wallets – Delivered!)


Oh my gosh!  Head on over to eBay if you are a Vera Bradley fan for a Vera Bradley blowout sale!

Seriously cheap deals and free shipping!

$9.99 zip wallets with FREE shipping!  $24.99 Hipster bags!  $19.99 totes!



These prices are the lowest we have EVER seen – head over to shop Vera Bradley on eBay today.



Your eBay purchase is guaranteed, no risk involved!

You Sold That For How Much? Our $0.50 to $32 eBay Flip


Last week we announced that we are going to start a new series that will showcase 1 item that we have sold on eBay for a profit.  The goal of our series is not only to entertain you (gosh, I hope this does that!) but to encourage you to think about selling items on eBay as a source for earning extra money.

Selling on eBay is a part of our life, and we love it.  You can read more about our eBay adventure here.

Now, on to the fun!

You sold that for how much?



While out at rummage sales this summer we stopped at a church sale.  It was small;  very tiny!  They had mostly clothing for sale and while their prices were really reasonable, we did not pick up too much on the clothing tables.

We did however spy 2 big bolts of vintage sewing trim.  It was off to the side, by old sewing patterns and thread spools.  It was marked $1, but the workers at the sale said if we wanted to buy both bolts we could have them both for $1.  Score!  We had no idea if they would resell on eBay but went with our gut that said that they would.  After all, look how much is on the bolt!  If nothing else Kelli could put her creative genius to work and use it on something!

We bought both big rolls of trim for $1!



We brought the trim home, took a few photos and listed it on eBay as vintage sewing trim.  We did not measure out how much was on the bolt;  there was a sticker that said it had 144 yards when new so we mentioned that on the listing.  We put the item up for auction with a starting price of $45 + free shipping.  No one bid on the auction and after 7 days it ended.  We relisted the item under eBay’s fixed price format, priced at $59 or best offer.

We received an offer for $46.50 and we accepted!  You can view our listing on our eBay store Vintage Collectible Memorabilia.

Here is what the profit breakdown is on this sale:

Selling price          46.50

eBay fees               -4.19

Paypal fees            -1.65

Shipping cost     -8.07

Cost of item        -0.50



You can do this too!  eBay makes it easy to start selling with their Learn to Sell Online help pages.


High Value $2/1 Dreft Laundry Detergent Printable Coupon


Wowza!  We did not want you to miss this high value Dreft printable coupon!  Dreft is pretty pricey, but if you have a little one you probably bite the bullet and buy it.


$2.00 off ONE Dreft Detergent


Save $2 on Dreft with this coupon.


New Checkout51 Cash Back Offers – Apples, Eggs, Juice, M&M’s + More


Checkout51 is rocking hot new offers this week for cash back when you shop at any store!  It is 100% free to use and it works on your smart phone.  Sign up for Checkout51 here.

Checkout 51


Here are the new offers for the week on Checkout51:




This morning we had an email from them that included an offer for eggs!



These offers are live now and will disappear on 7/30/14.




Dole $1/1 Pineapple Juice Coupon + $1 Cash Back Offer


Talk about a fun double dip!

Right now you can print a valuable $1/1 Dole Pineapple Juice coupon here.

Plus, when you buy Dole pineapple juice you will get a $1 cash back deposit from Checkout51.

That is a total of a whopping $2 off on one can!



Checkout51 is so easy to use.  It is a smartphone app that is free.  To get started with Checkout51 go here.

You can shop any store and submitting the information is super quick and easy.  They’ll automatically deposit the cash back into your account!



You can use the coupon/cashback stack on a large can or a 6 pack of juice.  The retail is usually around $3.30 for either item, so just over $1 after the deal!



Ivory Bar Soap – $0.25 a Bar at Kroger With Coupon


Woohoo!  Ivory 3 pack bar soap is on sale for $1 at Kroger and affiliate stores. (sale ends 7/29/14)

Pair this sale with the $0.25 off ONE Ivory 12 oz Body Wash or 3 Bar coupon and bring the cost down to just $0.25 a bar!


Menards School Supplies Freebies – 10 Packs of Pens & 10 Notebooks


Wow!  If you have a Menards around you are probably really familiar with their rebate program.  We love their rebates!

This week, through 8/2/14 you can score free school supplies after rebate – no coupons needed!




10 packs of blue or black pens are on sale for $0.99, as are notebooks.

You can submit for a $0.99 rebate for both items, so they end up free after Menards rebate.

(limit of 10 packs of pens and 10 notebooks).

Menards rebates come in the form of a Menards merchandise credit check and can only be used in the store.   For us this is not a problem because usually every week there is something we purchase there (typically another rebate offer) and we use the credit checks to pay for them.

For our video about how easy it is to submit for a Menards rebate, check below:


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